1. It’s also where she keeps the boat anchor.

  2. Doctor Joystick

    Dingy in a Dinghy.

  3. Derp

    Tommy Lee already did this. Originality please.

    • “Ohmygod, remember when that video came out? I went right online and—I mean, Tommy Lee? Who is that? Sex tape? I was in diapers when that all happened!”

  4. Pfff. She’s not old enough to drive.

  5. cc

    She’s captain of the SS Minnow. The boats is called Summer Breeze.

  6. Jill Ess

    Is this her asking Hugh if she can do playboy or her 18th birthday?

  7. Where the hell is Dexter when you need him?

  8. “Her vagina can hide a boat.”

    There, now it’s right.

  9. Really?

    My shih-tzu mix makes the same face.

  10. Jimmy

    Dream On Who… There’s no way your a Playmate, and if hefner, offers money I sure aint buying it!

  11. MoonBeam

    He is just sooo creepy when he smiles. I actually shudder when he does. gross.

  12. cia

    They want a reality show, I bet.

  13. The hat makes her look like a real captain.

  14. PIper

    As if this couldn’t get any classier… it’s a Playboy shirt. Sorry sweetie, you’re a little too old for Heff.

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