1. Eugene

    Cankles and Skankles …

  2. cc

    Is it possible to put your hand on a woman’s bottom in a way that conveys neither affection nor sensuality? Yes, yes it is.

  3. me

    there’s no butt to grab…

  4. George P Burdell

    “The pictures are done. You can take you hand of my ass now.”.

  5. fandy

    The Old man and the C (lassless skank)

  6. horrible girl

    that hand looks as if he wants to get something from her ass or to snatch her ass cheek :)))

  7. TFT fx text

    hopefully her OLD man bought her a dress and some new shoes for valentines day.

  8. SIN

    This looks alot like Hulk Hogan and his daughter, Brooke

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