1. diego

    It puts the Valtrex on its sore, or else it gets the hose some more.

  2. Negs

    As usual, I’m going to insert it right here…

  3. JC

    “Touching my wife’s 45-year-old vagina always puts a smile on my face!”

  4. Deacon Jones

    “Have you seen my black skully I always wear?”

  5. Angie

    Just once you’d think the photogs could capture Doug in a way that doesn’t make him look like a flaming homosexual. Oh, wait…

  6. cc

    What’s that there where you penis oughta be?

  7. “Thanks baby, I love cheeseburgers!”

  8. sweetlips

    Heidi and Spencer all over again.

  9. Panty Thief

    This dude is gayer than an Easter Basket. He has not once touched or looked at her the way a straight man looks at the woman he is boning.

  10. what the huh?

    there, right there is where im going to put my penis. as soon as the creepyness ends and you become of legal age of course.

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