1. Deacon Jones


    This photo has me deeply confused. And no, I’m not talking about my erection. It’s the left boob relative to the top….is that just some major padding going on there? Like a Miracle Bra of swimwear?

  2. ET Phone Home

    yes it’s a shit ton of padding. I actually believe that she doesn’t have implants, she just wears ridiculous padded bras and swimsuits all the time to make it look like they’re bigger.

    I wish she didn’t try so hard. I actually see a cute girl under there but she looks fucking ridiculous trying to be some sex pot. I really think she’s getting all her tips from porn and sex magazines. It’s only a matter of time…

  3. gnarla

    Please tell me she ran out of sunscreen and that’s why there are two dark circular patches on her breasts…

  4. Isa

    It amazes me how tacky this girl is…

  5. Randal

    Ugh, I can almost see up into her vagina.

  6. a_sourgirl

    I’m confused by her breasts…

  7. disturbed..

    Isn’t this technically child porn? She IS still underage, after all, and you can kind of see her nips… wtf.

  8. A padded triangle top isn’t meant for big boobies like that. When the circumference of the padding is smaller than the boob behind it, you get that wierd-boob effect. Precisely why I always cut the padding out of my tops!

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