1. Is this one of those “StraightBait” videos Tobias was talking about?

  2. Ginger

    Chick’s like that made me gay.

  3. lawn

    Hahaha, this is just the most ridiculous thing EVER!

  4. thecrazybetty

    this is too much…hahahhahaha

  5. I’m loving the shoes straight out of the Pimp of the Year competition. Can’t spot the goldfish, though.

  6. D-chi

    They don’t look happy to be there.

  7. GRAY wOLF

    Whomever is guiding her “career” will eventually lead to some desperate homemade sextape for needed public attention because she keeps doing these hackneyed photoshoots and music videos that just highlights how bad and unflattering she is. This is not sexy and the porno hooker fuck me shoes reminds me too much of Shauna Sands., and we know where her career is.

  8. Ironically enough, the two guys look more alike and are closer together than Courtney’s new boobs.

  9. if those things are turning guys gay now, whats gonna happen in 10 years when shes 43?

  10. anonymous

    Pretty sure those guys are straight. Just dressed to look gay. They look miserable until she sandwiches her tits and ass between them.

  11. Dirk Diggler

    Friends of her husband I assume

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