1. Raino

    Ick. I assume that’s some kind of bronzer stain in that bottom?

  2. bo

    bitch is on the rag!

  3. Wow

    She’s menstruating. She’s got the age to be menstruating, right?

  4. whatever

    you never wear white while on your period, for obvious reasons.
    she may look all stuck up and pose like a bitch, but a woman on her period would choose another day for a photo shoot, she must have felt like crap, and other people are in total control of her life, they forced her to do this.
    she must be a total mess in her emotional life and used to doing exactly what others tell her to do.
    that is far from a grown up, more like an abused ten year old mentally, she needs to grow up and get away from pimp mom and pimp pedo-husband-ex, poor girl – if you think about it -

  5. It could be menstruation, but it also could be the pattern that is on the front of her bikini bottom (it looks like that.) Either way it looks bad.

  6. just me

    poop stain

  7. Gin&Tonic

    You all seem a little unclear on where a vagina is located on a woman (not that I’m claiming this isn’t a tranny…).
    The answer to the mystery stain is clear: coked-out bitch shit herself

  8. Big Dick Magee

    Not a good thing at any age, but for someone so young……….

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