1. Freebie

    Her lips are so big she can’t close her mouth. Perfect for porn.

  2. SirLicksALot

    Finally, she got her lips done, she is now the most perfect girl in Hollywood. If I had a daughter, I would want her to be exactly like Ms Stodden. She is wonderful!

  3. Wow! As Seen on TV! Bimbo the Big Mouthed Bass. Push the button and see what stupid stuff spews out and into her mouth.

  4. Fancy Face

    Is that a price tag sticking out of her bra top? If yes, is it for the “bikini” or how much she charges per night?

  5. fromage

    Franken-slut. (New Sci-Fi Channel movie).

  6. Dean James

    Apparently no one has yet noticed the crap stains in photo number 11.

  7. I see this photo and I figure there has to be some low frequency hum of stupid coming from her mouth.

  8. whatever

    never in a million years… would i have thought there was a new lindsay lohan who was younger and fresher, cleaner and more whorish
    this one is just gonna step in and take lindsay lohans place whereever, first some additional surgery of course and then she’ll take over what career remnants the lohan wreck left behind in a sea of drugs…

  9. I didn’t think it was possible for her to surgery herself even uglier, but I always forget how big the Wildenstick really is.

  10. Motorboat Captain

    Shauna Sand has really let herself go.

  11. mark

    Lips look natural.

  12. Her body is so freakin’ hot, but her face is disgusting. Look at her just 3 years ago, she isn’t even the same person…

  13. Heh

    Shauna Sands looks at her and thinks “If I don’t take care of myself this is what I will look like in ten years”

  14. anonymous

    Why the hell does anyone want to look exactly like a stereotypical pornstar yet not be one?

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