1. “Hello Ocean? Can you make me a mermaid?”

  2. LanaKane

    “Hello Doug? Yeah…It’s me Courtney? Remember the broad who sucked what tiny little integrity you had left in your life? Well guess what I’m doing right now?? I’m at another glamorous photo shoot and I am peeing in the water at the Dockwieler public toilet!…I mean State Beach. The guys from Coleman-Raynor have no idea. And how are you? Have you sobered up enough to know that broad you’ve been banging is Mom and not me yet?? Hmm. Well good luck on that open call in L.A. Gotta go. Opportunity knocks. Or maybe that’s the hip replacement on my new boyfriend. Toodles!”

  3. Ken

    Did she just answer a bottle of suntan lotion?

  4. Cupcake

    She looks fabulous in this pic.

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