1. Superdouche

    Courtney Stodden is a barbie? Maybe if they made a VD ridden, child hooker barbie–”She was sold as an adolescent to a middle-aged man not even remotely attractive or talented. Together they terrorize the populace by sexualizing every holiday in history with narcissistic photographs that feature her cartoonish anatomy clad in the sluttiest outfits walmart has to offer, bent over numerous props, and conveying to the viewer that she is ready for the anal sex party to begin.”

  2. cc

    C’mon gravity, don’t let me down here.

  3. Muse

    Nice shoes Courtney…

  4. You know, I have to say, for once those ridiculous stripper heels are serving a valid purpose, because without those platforms, she wouldn’t be tall enough to reach under the hood and fix her engine…oh. This picture isn’t about working on her car, is it?

  5. Weaselmouse


  6. devonc

    I fucking hate this annoying bitch

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