1. Hello

    Someone needs to buy her a new pair of shoes.

  2. I shudder to know where that heel has been. And by that, I’m implying a butthole. Not hers.

  3. damn goldfish keep falling out

  4. Urvag

    Great!! How am I going to break it to my kid that the Easter Bunny is really just a hooker in disguise.

  5. Bigalkie

    Someone should sterilize case it breeds


    Can she just get run over by a semi-truck already?

  7. muchomuchachos

    17? She looks and dresses like an early 90′s pornstar. I honestly thought she was in her upper-mid 30′s. Wow is that ever gross.

    10 bucks she’ll be in adult films next year.

  8. Old mom

    Someone should call child protection services.

  9. Mofju

    I had no idea who this girl was until just now. I mean, I still don’t reaaaally get it, but from what I untasrdend she’s a 17 year-old who married the guy from the Green Mile? Or someone who looks surprisingly like him?Why do we care? I mean, yes it’s a huge age difference, but for whatever reason they got married, that’s what they wanted, so there. Can you get married at 16 in America without legal consent from one or both parents? Yes I find her plastic surgery and Carmen-Electra-circa-1997 look disturbing, but I don’t think that’s grounds for such an obsession over both their obvious thirst for attention and lack of elegance.

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