1. Randal

    Whoa that’s a huge pizza!!

  2. she doesn’t look like herself anymore. Is….that a…a BAD thing? I’m scared.

  3. You KNOW she just threw the pizza away and stuff those plastic pizza box things under her skin. “plastic surger-me!”

  4. D-chi

    Ew, black olives.

  5. Monsignor Nelson

    Dammit! I said “No anchovies!”

  6. All I can think of is- hair in the pizza. EW.

  7. Bob

    I’m glad you noted she was at a party because we all know there’s no way she’s talented enough to work for Domino’s.

  8. Suddenly she has talent. Of getting her tiny fame and getting rid of her tiny hubby.

  9. Shamu

    All I can think of is pubic hair in the pizza…yucky.

  10. So that was one… twothree… four five… six! Six people at the party.

  11. rospo

    I guess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were there.

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