1. cc

    Yup, their respective faces speak to the fact they just locked lips. (((shudder)))

  2. Jack Ketch

    Uummmmm, for anyone who actually thinks they’re real ? Take another look …

  3. Your mom

    He looks like a cancer patient/ mental asylum break out and she looks like a teenage whore who’s daddy touched her too much when she was a kid.

  4. Karen

    I’m just wondering how much $$ they pay this person to follow them around & photograph them because NO ONE is interested in this no talent sleezeball!!! They are FREAKIN’ hilarious, though — one of the funniest scenes yet on “Couples Therapy” was Dourtney talking to Too Short about possibly having Courtney in one of his rap videos. Doug actually makes the comment that it would not only benefit Courtney (DUUHHH!!), but Too Short as well! HA! Too Short’s response to their request was priceless!!! I think it was along the lines of . . . . not only “no,” but “hell to the no.”

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