1. Kaellyn

    THIS is how her breasts are supposed to look like: and in all honesty it’d look so much better like that. Wouldn’t make her bobblehead-like.. Ugh.

    • Reece

      I think its clearly obvious to most woman that her “giant breasts” are a result of a child’s poor attempt at padding her bra. Its kind of sad an pathetic. Not the fact that shes padding her bra, but the fact that shes doing it so badly. smh

  2. Tinka

    Her new face is just hideous. The old Courtney was hot in her own weird, plastic and make-up filled way, but this… Ugh.

  3. Sorry dear, those plastic supposed-to-be invisible bra straps are *clearly* visible and you look like a cheap train wreck…where is your mother?! Probably at the bottom of a bottle her fourth bottle of cheap red wine, waiting for her money-train she sold out to pay off….sad.

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