1. meeps!


  2. Courtney Stodden, shown here shortly before meeting up with her besties Joey Heatherton and Ann Margeret for dinner.

  3. anonym

    She looks 40.

    I wonder how long she takes everyday to stuff her bra. It requires lots of skill to make B cups look like DD.

  4. I’m ashamed to say I get it up for this “girl”. In a dirty, disgusting, “I want to fuck failure and desperation and see the fake tan drip off its 60 year old leathery body” kind of way, but I still get it up. Same thing with Lindsay Lohan.

  5. She’s trying too hard.

  6. Lissa

    I never did think she was 16 when she married that guy, but now she looks 50.

  7. Laila

    protip: use concealer that is a similar color to your skin

  8. El

    It’s like someone attached 40 year old’s head to a 40 year old’s body.

  9. Stewie

    When she mentions VHS she means Very Hard Silicon.

  10. Chris

    It would be fun for a hour

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