1. cc

    She’s fake, stupid, and tawdry, but her legs and ass look pretty damn good in these pics.

    • Sure, if you’re attracted to children with fake tits.

      • She’s not a fucking child. She’s just 3+ months shy of 18 years old, and where I come from that is considered an adult. Hell, she’ll be able to vote in the upcoming election.

        Children don’t vote unless it on what movie to watch or what flavor of ice cream to eat.

      • court

        pretty sure those are the biggest issues plaguing her in life still….
        what ever president offers more tv channels and more ice cream wins!!!!! yaaaayyyY!

  2. Uh-oh, Doug. The flower on the right side of her head means she’s single and looking.

  3. It’s quite obvious that no one would be attracted to her if they saw her at Target on La Brea. Obviously. I mean, if I saw her there I might have walked into a wall but I’m sure I would have been the only one. What is wrong with me?! I think I have to run to Target.

  4. clearly a candid photo. not contrived whatsoever–that’s what i like about it.

  5. elrod

    is she flirting with her own mother?

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