1. uhmm the smoking finger is nice. There aren’t enough plastic gloves in the world to even think about touching this woman.

  2. Shellz

    What’s up with her 1 yellowish brown fingernail?!

  3. DeucePickle

    Looks like those taties have reached the end of their life expectancy.

    • Since she’s courtney love, would there be any reason to put in the extra-long warranty ones? Who could have expected her to live this long? They probably put in implants that are made of chilled jello that start melting immediately, figuring she’d be dead of an overdose by that afternoon.

  4. adolf hitler

    gravity is her punishment for pushing kurt to suicide

  5. whitey

    Why would she wear that dress? It’s like she is TRYING to look horrible.

  6. Jackie

    I’m sorry. I can’t help liking her because of the look on her face. She knows her tits are gross and she thinks it’s as hilarious as we do. I guess if having a wicked body just isn’t in the cards for you, ruining everyone’s boner is the next best thing.

  7. dork

    Ah hell, I’d fuck that thing anyway.

  8. Jovy

    I can only imagine how horrible it smells under that fingernail.

  9. Jen

    These are completely photoshopped!!!!!!!!!! Here is another unphotoshopped pic of her boob. (She’s still a hot mess) http://cityrag.com/2011/05/courtney-love-keeps-it-classy/courtney-love-cannes-3/

    • kris31

      those make more sense.. & it looks like the one’s she’s always had! her back is still gettin kind of scary though.. she’s startin to sag a little bit..

  10. Jolene

    I would totally do her. And i’m a woman.

  11. kris31

    what is wrong with ol’ girl’s boobs? they look weird!

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