1. Artimus

    Is that a third nipple?

  2. Emma

    He said “shoot me here! I can’t look at you anymore!” But I was like “No, Kurt, I love you!”

  3. Spazzz

    So we can show Chris Brown’s pencil penis, Snookie’s fartbox and Lohan’s meth mouth ad nauseum but we can’t show heroin addled tits? What’s going on here?

  4. The stars- THEY DO NOTHING!

  5. Cock Dr

    Courtney’s back out touring…..she must have gone through all the royalty money.
    Kurt Cobain’s kid will probably be left with nothing from his legacy. Nice job at motherhood Courtney.

  6. Somehow she makes Bette Midler look cute.

  7. EagleEye

    Er um… for those of us that want to see her doll-parts, how do we un-star the photo?

    • Doctari

      Department of Agriculture has a nice web site with some great pictures of cow utters. Just cut, paste and enjoy!

    • TheMonkeemobile

      It depends on the day of the week,..
      for a while you just had to click the pic again,..
      Then it was a special link
      then just click the star,
      then a special URL that you could get from a fortune cookie
      and now I think you have to roll a head of cabbage down a hall, jump up and down 3 times, and giggle.

      • baccusvd

        go to or whatever one of the fan sites. Her boobs are okay actually her nips are lookin a bit old… because they are. But lots of girls my age have way worse tits.

  8. Grim

    Please explain to me why I’m old enough to die in a war, but not old enough to see this Zombie’s tit.

    Your decision that I should be protected from viewing this is a tax on the poor! I am the 99%!

  9. Applied rough tools

    Has this place gone Disney? I cant view original.

  10. kimmykimkim

    Why is she poking them? Crazy bitch, don’t poke them, what the fuck?

  11. RickyLong

    If I poke it right here heroin juice shoots out the nipple

  12. I stared at this photo for a long time and all I kept thinking was “someone actually wanted her to perform music??”.

  13. Trep

    the location of the two pink censorship stars in this photo is troubling.

  14. MRB

    WTF SW? There existed a social contract whereby the presence of pink stars meant that, by jumping through hoops, I would be able to see the private parts of someone famous.

  15. Skeets

    Did she perform topless? Or did she perform semi-topless with stupid fucking pink stars on her tits?


  16. ruth

    well it’s not the first time..she was performing celebrity skin(i think) topless on big day out ’99 as well

  17. Colorado

    and the version NSFW?

  18. Jessica

    Even though it is Courtney Love- I still wanna see the NSFW version.. RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!

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