1. I’d fuck that woman over any of Charlie’s “goddesses” any day

  2. boli

    nice bod but i’ll pass on the bolted-on tits.

  3. Honest Abe

    She’s still incredibly hot, but she needs a few POINTERS on how to get some nipple action going on like her old pal Jennifer.

  4. jpizzO

    some serious plastic surgery. youtube her dancing in the dark – bruce springsteen video and you’ll see how a women goes from an (negative) A cup to this. Remarkable work really…. kudos to her surgeons.

  5. Double D

    Has anyone found David Arquette dangling from a rope, dead, in a hotel closet yet?

  6. barkerman

    Yeah, not a fan of fake boobs either, but – look what they’re attached to…Jesus. For a girl half her age… she’s still smoking hot.

  7. Rex

    WOW she looks groin grabbingly good.

  8. kuldeep

    i can kiss if rich man god.,,

  9. lynn

    makes me want to get implants. my two kids ruined my once perfect tatas.

    • I'm always right.

      You made the stupid decision to poop out two morons. Your own fault.

      • lynn

        Thank you for that lovely comment! I’ll just explain to my autistic 3 year old that he’s just a “moron”, coming from a moron.

    • Mama Pinkus

      lynn, you don’t have to go bolt-on – check into a boob lift – sometimes that’s all a mama needs :)

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