1. I’d hit that…repeatedly

  2. mafme

    I’d Courtney her.. um… wait. No, that’s all wrong.

  3. WhiteBoy41

    Courteney Cokc u still Rokc !!! Giv us a shake will yaaah ?

  4. mimi

    Since when Fish gives lessons on commitment ?

  5. Coyote

    I would love to teach this old dog some new tricks

  6. I would love to teach that old dog some new tricks.
    Her ass looks magnificent!

  7. Damn. I honestly think she’s mosre attractive now than she was in her Friends days.

  8. Rockalittle

    Tap tap tap

  9. Willy Wonka

    My fist. Her ass.

  10. Ricks_Daddy

    NO Ass, FLAT Ass, WHITE Ass.

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