1. herbiefrog

    so where do we click ?

  2. mark

    what a wonderfully close set of peepers on that one.

  3. terrible

    terrible idea for a post

  4. jumpin_j

    It would give us something to shoot for… IF IT ONLY WORKED!!!

  5. Kelly

    It does work! Right column, very very top. RIGHT under the search bar. Big bold letters. See it now?

  6. John

    Comments (for those who can’t see them)

    1) Randy Quaid predicted this.
    2) Aren’t you a little short to be a stormtrooper?’ – Leia
    3) ‘See, that’s what happens when you tell a chick ‘I’m going to dress up as the Silver Surfer, you be Galactus.’ Off she goes to friggin Pier 1 to get the stuff for the costume.’ – Iveski
    4) ‘Wow, children of the corn (liquor).’ – fester
    5) ‘If you saw this actually happen in real life, you would tell your mates ‘I saw two chicks fighting with tomatoes.’ You wouldn’t say ‘I saw two hot chicks fighting with tomatoes.” – God
    6) ‘Take cover! She’s about to explode.’ – dufresne
    7) ‘It gets shot off by a short French general?’ – Lance Braun
    8) ‘Hey, when your job in the business is to fluff gay male pornstars, you don’t have the patience for women when they play hard-to-get.’ – Savalas
    9) ‘I felt em when I wrote em and I said em when I meant em and I did em what I told em and I yam what I yam. Now wheres that colored girl with the sammiches.’ – Trava Rainwater
    10) ‘I guess you don’t really need a script when you’re playing Stripper #3.’ – Bob Borelli

  7. Pascale

    Those comments are nowhere NEAR fish quality. I’m surprised he even laughed… What a lame post!

  8. To all you naysayers

    If your name and comment was up there, I bet you’d think this post was the shit.


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