1. JANE

    come on man, how the fuck is any of that attractive… especially her vag swallowing bikini “bottom” or should I say belt… PUKE


    It’s like she’s wearing mom-jeans but without the jeans….

    • Tori

      omg I almost spit up from laughing so hard at this comment!

      Jane, yea i’m clueless smh! She looks god awful. It wouldn’t look so bad if she was toned or firm. It’s just a pure Cheeto’s eating body! YUCK!

  3. deedee

    omg…I am quite surprised about the size of her implants – I have sold them, so I know they are possibly the largest cc’s sold…
    If she feels cute and sexy, who are we to take this away from her??? If she wants to eat Cheeto’s – so be it. This is america, people, the land of the free and the home of the brave…
    Rok on – allow people simply to be “free”….

  4. she is stunning i would love to be as curvy as her

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