1. Jake

    Ass cleavage?

  2. Philip

    is it just me or does the left cheek almost seem to have a nipple…?

  3. Hugh Gentry

    i’d love to have a go at her

  4. Ice-T did good. Love that ass. Little less of the last post’s and more like this. Please Sir Fish……

  5. That’s some fine ass

  6. One of the masses

    I can’t wait for this horrible trend of fat asses to go away. It’ll be fun to watch these moronic women with ass jobs scramble to de-fat their ass-bags.

  7. Sweekes

    She has a square head like a LEGO man.

  8. thats a panty eating ass, that muh fucker is ridiculously huge in too toned to be real. fuck thats huge whooo

  9. Janice

    Her butt has better cleavage than her boobs.

  10. Jester

    There;s that Butt Vagina again, it is a perfect V.

  11. GeneralEmergency

    If you only look at the middle third of this photo, you could swear in a court of law that you were looking at a close-up of Christina Hendrick’s hope chest.

  12. ClassyDirtyChick

    Hell is that ass Real??? no ass has a cleavage?!? not even my mighty fine example.

  13. the old guy

    Biologically speaking, this is why men like cleavage in the first place.
    Some studies indicate that cleavage reminds men of buttocks. Which in turn point to a healthy pelvis from which many offspring may emanate.
    So you like boobs because you want to have lots of kids.

  14. leese

    im jealous, her ass is so in shape.

  15. wiliam lorenzo

    be nice people,we all wish what can have a woman like coco! really guys.

  16. Freddy Back

    At least this time , Her RECTUM was covered up . Not like the yellow sting bikini .

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