1. sunshine

    Ice T likes playing silicon snorkel motorboat with Loco.

  2. Maeby

    ummm…is that her butthole in 16 & 17?

    • stings

      Pics 16 & 17 all you see is a giant a butt hole, this bitch has no class!

      She didn’t even shave her pussy b4 wearing that 4 year old’s bikini bottom!

  3. Greg

    Has anyone seen my watch?

  4. bi-gurl

    You all are crazy. Yeah, the bikini isn’t very flattering and yeah, she should have shaved . But she is voluptuous and gorgeous. No idea why she’s with that loser, though. Liked him enough on SVU, but he’s NOT good-looking.

  5. Sammy

    Nothing wrong with her bikini, she looks great.

  6. M

    Ew. Not hot. Does she need a smaller bikini so that I can fully vomit?

  7. ignatius718

    “My eyes! My precious eyes!”

  8. Brian

    What a mindless, low life, white trash, S_ _ty Wh_ _e. No Class at all. This woman is definetly insecure and has a pride problem. She doesn’t need to wear what she has on. She has a very nice body and no brains to go with it. I am surprised at Ice T. I gave him more credit than this.

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