1. This deserved a star.
    A really big one.

  2. xenith

    love the way her arse keeps her afloat!

  3. Gene

    Baby’s got back all right! Jesus H. Turd-spitter has baby got back!

  4. snarkyscreenname

    OMG You can see her brown eye in pic 17….it WINKED at me :-(

  5. Covert Koala

    You can see her butthole! That’s not beach legal.

  6. Ray


  7. Heather

    effing gross…..there should be regulations on what paople can wear on a beach, but having your asshole sticking out for the world to gaze upon…..YUCKA! :(

  8. aeuwave

    that is one big brown eye.

  9. Sammy

    She is wearing a thong bikini, they are suppose to be like that. You go girl.

  10. keye

    are those butt implant scars?????

  11. MissLeah

    yes they are implant scars

  12. @# snarkyscreenname

    Ha-ha, nice one.

  13. Hugh Gentry

    her asshole would swallow up my cock

  14. John Schmitz

    She must like anal

  15. zak

    implant scars? Where in any of the photos are scars on her ass?

  16. noyb

    sweet anus batman!

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