1. Hugh Gentry

    damn…i’d mount that ass every night.

  2. MissLeah

    Check out the scars from where’s they shoved in her ass implants

  3. Rodham

    What a gross out tub of lard!

    Obesity rates on the rise.

  4. CKWhatever

    Nice five o’clock shadow on her less-than-fresh Brazilian.

  5. Frank

    quick, throw the japs a harpoon, now there’s a whale for scientific research

  6. Clamhammer

    Looks like Ice is snorkeling for clams.

  7. yowillie

    That would be heaven.

  8. Valine

    She is a woman not a little youth running around. She is working that beach out. oh yeah i really don’t care whats fake & whats not fake on her body as long as coco loves herself in and out. and knows how to work it with all that beautifulness inside &Out go girl go girl go girl its your birthday go ice she all yourz they just not only hatein but wanting.

  9. The Ejaculator

    There’s something missing from this pic. Oh yeah – my tongue.

  10. Sammy

    Coco is gorgeous.

  11. Goomy

    haha jealous chicks – they make me laugh

  12. carib girl

    typically nasty white whores. they’re always walking around naked. please cocoa stop showing your body parts that you paid for all the time for once have some class!

  13. carib girl

    @ goomy most girls that actually have a natural body with curves wouldn’t be jealous of a whore that walks around naked all the time showing her ass and tits that she paid for.

    • DKK

      She is proud of her body & everyone knows she looks great. Can you say the same for yourself? Nooooooo!

  14. I feel sorry for CoCo, she must have low self esteem to be doing this in front of everybody. I feel real sorry for her!!!!

  15. Axzl

    You don’t usually see someone that fat with so few dimples on the back of her legs.

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