1. razor


    • melii

      EW! i know i thought it was just me seeing this but she’s gotta mow the lawn bare instead of opting for the fuzzy carpet… EW… this is so gross… BREAST REDUCTION AND LIPO….. PLEASE!

  2. Hugh Gentry

    i’m surprised they didn’t put a star over the hint of her left nipple. the guy who runs this site is a moron.

  3. Yea…there’s some star action going on.

  4. jimisnatch

    Is there anyone that thinks this woman is pretty? Holy crap, I have seen less plastic at toys are us.

  5. Sammy

    I do. She is beautiful. You people are jealous. Let’s see the ladies who are criticizing her?

    • xxreaderxx

      yeah she really is, she is amazingly beatiful and anyone who hates her stop looking at her photos please. She is one sexy and hot woman who isn’t afraid to strut her stuff, and to be honest…. I’D LIKE TO FUCK HER UP!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!11

      • hulkbd

        ya so true dude. she is hot and extremely fuckable, isn’t she! oh if i could hold those mountains that’ll be so hot feelings…

  6. Laurie

    She probably paid like a shit ton of money for those small pieces of fabric. Did i say small? I mean MICRO-FRICKEN-SCOPIC! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON, WOMAN!

  7. GOOD GOD YALL! That’s not a bikini, that’s a red string.

  8. Creta

    Oh, she must be a PORN star because no decent woman would go out in public dressed (?) like this. She is pretty but, this image just makes her look small.

  9. ms minjarez

    Oh no we saw half of her nipple, its a good thing the rest of her is covered

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