1. Phil

    Too much ham, for these pair of eggs! lol

    • Alice

      I love the positive and well written comments from some of you men. Coco isn’t my style, but I still think she’s sexy

  2. vspot

    I never comment but I felt the need to defend Coco on behalf of all straight men who actually have sex with real women and not just their computer screen (no offense, Fish). And, no, by real I don’t mean fat because that implies unhealthy. Do you see any cellulite on Coco? Nope, she’s fit.

    A lot of you poor saps don’t know the incredible sensation of being balls deep inside a girl with some healthy thickness and having her juicy ass bounce up against your torso while you pump away. You don’t know what you’re missing. Have fun with Mischa Barton, Miranda Kerr (ok, I admit, I’d smash her), or some other skinny bitch. Just give me Coco face down, ass up, and oh man the load I’d blow inside her…

    And, no, I’m not black.

    • Lynn

      She is not ‘thick’ she is built like a’re a what we like to call a homosexual. And omg have you seen Mischa lately? She’s a fat cow.

  3. yowillie

    Giddy up.

  4. jimisnatch

    Oh Gee I dont know someone is photographing me… let me push my boobs out and throw my head back and pretend I dont look like shit.

  5. Ed

    She is fucking hot!! Are you guys gay? Big tits!!! She is NOT fat Very nice!!!!

  6. Sammy

    She is beautiful!

  7. Jacqui J

    Good god she is huge!!!!

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