1. Sweet

    She’s fucking hot, all 3′ 6″ of her!

    Will she be in The Hobbit? Haha, kidding. Seriously, she is very good looking, extreme curves and a great body.

  2. Pekod

    Ahab’s pipe is widely looked upon as the riddance of happiness in Ahab’s life. By throwing the pipe overboard, Ahab signifies that he no longer can enjoy simple pleasures in life; instead, he dedicates his entire life to the pursuit of his obsession, the killing of the white whale, Moby Dick.

  3. The Ghost in Mrs. Muir

    In pic #5 do I see scars where ass implants were inserted? Other than the implants, upstairs and down, there is something wildly sexy about her. And I’m not in favor of implants.

  4. jackhole3

    The hair extensions are gross. At this point, shouldn’t she just get naked?

  5. mateo

    She’s a weekend of snickers away from being too big, but right now she aa-ight.

  6. Frank

    quick throw the japs a harpoon, now there’s a whale for scientific research.

  7. open_blouse_party

    I bet her shit drops with a ‘thump’.

  8. Sue

    I don’t get it. Granted, I don’t think she’s hideous but, honestly, if I was that big I would be on a diet PRONTO. I think she looks pretty much grotesque. I mean, to each their own but I really don’t need to see that.

    • One of the masses

      I’m with you Sue, I just don’t see the beauty in this implanted ‘thing’. It must be a guy thing. Legs like tree trunks and in the first pic, looks like she needs to shave her enormous crotch area. ickie

      • lagirl

        I’ll second that. I don’t see the appeal. Lots of celebs have implants and look good, but she looks like a massive beast. I just don’t get what’s hot about her. She’s fat, she has bad hair, she’s over the top in trashiness… None of that is particularly attractive, but I guess to each their own.

      • Lynn

        Don’t worry, no one really finds her attractive that’s just Coco on here saying she looks hot.

  9. Scorin' Warren

    Personally, I think Coco is very hot and I would love to sleep with a body like that- it’s absolutely amazingly ridiculous. Love the curves. Don’t know why everyone knocks her.

    • Lynn

      You can sleep with a body like that…go to your nearest Gold’s Gym and head on over to the weight room.

  10. Jiggle Ass

    If you need ass implants to catch a black rapper. You obviously need to go back to your own species… Angry Green Guys!!!

  11. me

    I see the implant scars…Argument settled…

  12. Sammy

    Coco is one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.

  13. oren

    I am in Korea and expat from L.A. Although the women here are often tall, thin, clear white tender faced I miss the “fun sized” women of the western world. There’s a whole amusement park ride right there via Coco theme park.

  14. xxreaderxx


  15. jkj


  16. carib girl

    nasty white whore. i hope ice t gets tested as much as possible.

  17. Haley

    What a Hoe!!
    Her body sooo isnt toned
    She’s a HUGE Hoe Bag!!

  18. Sage

    Sometimes I have heard various American celebs come back from Brazil and talk about how at ease with their bodies people are in that culture. It doesn’t surprise me, checking the board here, that Americans are not. I don’t know who this woman is, she looks fine, she is not a whale or some kind of monster, she is a person enjoying the weather and some water, gets as close to naked as she can, cause really, it feels good on a hot day to feel the sun on your skin. You people stand in judgment of her like she is in the Nuremberg trials. Forget about checking her body, CHECK YOUR HEADS!

  19. Milly

    Hey Im a girl whos not in great shape and Ive been at the beach where there have been some REAL BIG MOMMAS and hey I say if yr confident enjoy yourself, laugh and have fun!!! From what I see, either women is celery stick thin, and looking like they need a burger or the women are eating four times whats healthy HEY TO EACH HIS OWN lol

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