1. Ego

    God damn

  2. Elena

    Ew, oh god.

  3. shaft

    she’s gotta be a great doggystyle

  4. heywood

    Does she use sonar? Somebody grab a harpoon…. WTF happened to COCO?

  5. hateyoufornoreason


  6. lindsay

    coco has a very pretty face, but her body is way too manly looking! i think women can be muscular but still feminine like britney spears and pinup legend bettie page who both have (had) bangin bodies! (betties deceased) coco is just too short and stocky. i saw her in playboy and she looked like hulk hogan with a boob job! scary!

  7. Em

    I know she has giant boobies and a bulging ass but I can’t stop looking at her weird cankles.

  8. jimisnatch

    I think in extreme temperatures like we had this last week, plastic has a tendency to blow up. We see here evidence of that. The plastic in her tits shows signs of blowing out the front and the crap in her legs is clumping up something bad. Just think, under another circumstance those tits could have been a milk bottle or a leisure suit, a toy for some sad child in a third world country. Maybe even a bumper on a 2010 Hybrid car.

  9. Sammy

    Wow. She is so beautiful.

  10. ds

    I always hear those squeaky noises that balloon animals make when I see her pics.

  11. jimisnatch

    man i would love to see her naked…. oh wait, I think we all have now. This cow actually thinks she looks good??? Give me a break! Oink Oink Oink. Here piggie piggie

  12. DKK

    Wow, she is so pretty. Ice-T is so lucky.

  13. Laurie

    I wonder if she actually thinks she looks attractive…

  14. G.A. Wallace

    Well it looks like her ass was hungry and was eating her swimsuit.
    Cat hair stubble is so NOT pretty.
    Letting it all hang out in public is class-less.
    Well defined body or no. Its just trashy looking.

  15. Meg

    No need for a life jacket.. it’s built in!

  16. sickoflin

    elephant knees (giggle)

  17. Billy

    G.A. Wallace: You gotta be a gay male or a jealous female. She is wearing a thong bikini, they are suppose to look like that. Her ass isn’t eating her bikini. She has a beautiful ass & she wants to show it off, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. And she is a classy & beautiful lady, a real lady.

  18. Siren

    She is gorgeoussss. A woman with an actual figure. She reminds me of a cartoon. The big boobs, hips and small stomach. It’s about time a curvy woman is getting some press. I am tired of these stick thin boy looking stars. Good for you Coco, be proud.

  19. rrr

    ewwwwwwww ewwwwwww ewwwwwwww ewwwwwwww

  20. Glitch

    So I have to say that I find it rather odd that she is being hated on for a figure like that. Curves are beautiful. Posted by someone above though… her ankle caves are weird I noticed that too. Could be bad photo shopping because she looks like she is posing. Or she just has weird legs. The Balloon animal comment was funny too! Fake boobies are pretty gross. Some men and women like curves others do not. I am a big supporter of them and think it is nice to see a woman with this shape. Oh and her ass is fantastic!

  21. Jamie Edwards

    GET A LIFE YOU IDIOTS! People like you are absoloutly ridiculous , sorry I guess you would all prefer her to be anorexic oh wait no then she would be too thin right?, your all jealous people. Who clearly have nothing better to do then diss a woman on her beautiful curves. Thats a real woman and to the douche that said she looked manly! Are you blind? Or just plain dumb?!. I would love too see what you look like you old wrinkly clones with bleached blonde hair, and orange fake tan. PLASTIC much?. Go on show us photos of yourselfs hahahaha ! ROCKIN IT COCO!

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