1. The Matador


  2. Jodi

    I would rather have small tits

  3. xenith

    christ that thing would eat you up!

  4. Gene

    Can you really grow one o those just by eating twinkies?

  5. Racer X

    That’s no moon…

  6. moon

    she has 2 moons

  7. Maxime

    I think I just seen a whale…

  8. Mama Pinkus

    each butt cheek is literally bigger than her head

  9. dee

    She must lift some pretty heavy fucking weights to keep away the masses of cellulite

  10. Some Girl

    Or you know, get cellulite removal. Hi, Kim!

  11. yowillie

    Spank that.

  12. mannequin

    I will not feel self conscious on the beach anymore.

  13. this is my kind of ass…and for all the haters out there who think its fake, there’s no such thing as a fake ass

  14. jimisnatch

    I think the photographer caught her just as she farted

  15. DKK

    She is gorgeous. She looks great in that bikini. All you haters are jealous.


    she’s beastly… gross.

  17. Andre

    What a fucking ass, god I would cum all in it.

  18. Enigma2099

    I still lose respect for Ice T for hooking up with an obvious attention whore…

    … but who am I kidding, I’d tap it too.

  19. carib girl

    i wonder how much ice t paid to get this whore plastic surgery.

  20. Binkysguy

    She is fat and has a damn manly jawline.

    No, I’m not jealous. It’s actually both funny and sad that people find her attractive in any way.

  21. Jon Doe

    Who’s ass is bigger? Her’s or Kim Kardashians?

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