1. Know how I know you’re from the South?

  2. Bandit82Baby

    Ice T betta get a grip on his bottom bitch……. cuz shes actin like outta pocket, white trash w/ her unlicenced plastic surgeon on speed dial. And BTW Lou-Bou’s cant turn shit into sugar……..try doing some lunges you do-nothin, gold-digger cunt….. And stay off Twitter with those autopsy photos….. ur killin me!!!!!!

    • angie

      Now you know Ice T has been running hoes for a longtime. He likes this, plus he’s getn old.

      • BanDit82Baby

        Ha Haaaaa!!!! Ice T’s ass has been on a 2 Viagra a nite binge tryna keep that botox ass plunged into!!! GD I made myself LOL….

  3. Keithypoo

    Nom nom nom?!?!? YES. NOM NOM NOM!!!!

  4. Ned

    That is freaking disgusting.

  5. cirvyluvver

    WOW! Nice. This is so much better than the 10,000 other stick figure bitches on this site. High 5 to Ict T

  6. pikksta

    I’m NOT with Coco.

  7. Melissa

    I could go for some jiggle in my jiggle pudding…on second thought…I’ll pass

  8. baldy

    I just puked in my mouth…

  9. Anita Bonghit

    Half of this woman is obese. Wtf.

  10. mj

    I would just like to just smack her with a newspaper and say “No!….. stop it”, specially this close to baby jesus’s birthday

  11. orcplow

    Even her feet have cellulite

  12. J

    Isn’t she related to the Michelin Man?

  13. bitingontinfoil

    How the hell does she wipe? Cloth on a stick?

    • ANGELO


      • BanDit82Baby

        Sadly, not the price of fame….but so much as the price of infamy. Or should I say the price of narcissistic fame, when the need to be photographed filmed or talked about supersedes the want to be a well known and respected participant in global media….but then again, I really don’t see a legitimate use for this cunt… If she was a whore in my stable, she’d more than likely be a favorite off the broke niccas and the fetish crowd (most black dudes).

  14. Droz

    Is it me or does she have Cankles?

  15. MD10085

    At the end of the day, this is just a fat chick. There is nothing provocative or interesting about these pictures, posting them is just gross and unnecessary.

  16. surgerylass

    She has cankels . I so totally do not get why she likes herself this way .

  17. Kristin

    I will never understand men.

  18. Zombie Kitty

    She’s got fat ankles

  19. Some dude

    That’s pretty fucking disgusting.

  20. Racer X


    /I’d hit that 25/8

  21. gross

    That’s fucking disgusting..does she really think that’s hot? Obviously, it’s fake you can’t have a huge ass like that and have absolutely no cellulite on them and everything else does?

  22. Ed


  23. Jim Bean

    Her ass is real actually. There is a picture around from when she was 16 and it was huge then.

  24. james


  25. stench orifice

    Can you imagine the amount of cheese that one would find if they were to take their finger and swipe it through that cavernous ass crack? Would there be enough to create an asscheese candle?

  26. stench orifice

    Those are NOT cankles. They are however thick ankles. To truly be defined as a cankle, the area from the calve to the ankle must possess the same measured circumference, in other words the diameter of the lower calve would be the same as the diameter of the lower ankle. She has an obvious ankle and calve thickness difference. The formula looks like this…… ankle/pie squared divided by the sum difference of the length of the clitoral hood.

  27. angie

    I’m not a bootyologist. But I have a booty myself. The only time I get the muffin crease at the bottom is when I stand completely upright. I’m trying to understand why she has that line even when she is leaning forward. I think she has always had a full figure, but the buns are an additive. I really don’t care or want to knock her hustle. I just wish when females get these augmentations, they would, just be honest about it; cause I don’t think most men care if it’s real or fake….as long as it looks good to them.

  28. Meh

    She really DOES NOT look good. =(

  29. Ti

    Fuck all u ppl 2 hell i would lick da shit out of her ass all day anyday

    • Sam

      You should try to get a hold of her, lick away, it’ll probably be nice and smelly & sweaty after you dig through the rolls. Knock yourself out and enjoy the aroma!!!

  30. Sahara

    The people that think that looks good, need to get their heads examined. That is fricking disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach. WTF. She is just a dumb whore whose passed her prime and wanting to be 20 again. God, give it up. Fat ass and fake boobs, that’s it. She is gross, really gross!!!

  31. Polyphonic79

    That is not hot, that is just a fat ass that is getting bigger and bigger.

  32. Dorianna

    NASSTY! Yikes! lmfao! she even has cottage cheese cellulite down at the ankles

  33. NASSTY!!! Yikes!!! lmfao! What kinda freak would post this deformity thinking it’s the least bit appealing? Cottage cheese man! Cellulite even around the ankles.

  34. DKK

    She is one of the most beautiful women in the world. All you jealous haters, especially the women, can go to hell!

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