1. Natalie


  2. That turkey’s got too much white meat to be stuck in Coco’s ass.

  3. ginger

    Does this bitch have any pride whatsoever?!

  4. davezavu

    I hope you guys realize that’s a drawing of a turkey standing at the top of the empire state building.

  5. Haaahaha! *turkeybutt* haaa!

  6. Bandit82Baby

    So this is what you do with ur childs artwork??? I’d hate to see were she puts clay moldings………#EEEWWW

  7. H6E6X6

    To put things into perspective, this drawing was made on a billboard

  8. dude

    ICE-T: “Bitch, you can take your child’s shitty home-made Christmas present and shove it up your ass!”

  9. dHADDO

    So you’re telling me that she drew a picture of turkey (kindergarten-style), put it in between her bum cheeks, took a picture of it, and then put it on the internet? And everyone is OK with this…?

  10. mnsuperbee

    That’s a lucky turkey. Maybe luckier than the ones Obama pardoned.

  11. Andriiya

    It’s more of a found art object…

  12. argleblargle

    Wiping attempt = failed.

  13. Meh

    There’s probably all sorts of shit and cum stuck to that paper when she pulls it out of there.

  14. Bigo

    I guess toilet paper is not enough to wipe that -ass.

  15. Jen

    Her poor kid made the mistake of wanting to show mommy today’s art work. Coco was just looking to rest her weary cankles……but all that’s left is the kids last piece of art.

  16. Zen

    Turkey!? She likes cock up her ass!

  17. stench orifice

    Most importantly, does anyone know for a FACT if she enjoys anal sex? I would like to see a video of her straining incredibly hard and then blasting a huge bolus of colon gas out of her stench hole and see that paper torn in half as a result.

  18. BigJoe

    Obama won’t pardon that turkey out of pure jealousy.

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