1. Chaz


  2. Those dents will buff right out.

  3. That’s just f#ckin gross.

  4. JohnDoe

    This can’t be healthy…

  5. buzz

    Looks like the pig that we put in the ground for a few hours for my uncle’s luau themed b-day party.

  6. Icehawg

    Aw damnit. This picture is all sticky. I must have gotten here after Don.

  7. Spleen

    Human ham. Huham.


  9. I’d motorboat dat ass.

    • mark

      wow. really? are you into girls who smell like hot, wet poop that’s been un-wiped for days due to the inability to proper cleanse such an inhumanly monstrous waste pincher? seriously don, the hot brown stain that has now permanently settled into that thong area couldn’t be removed with fucking lye at this point dude!

  10. mark

    jesus shit… word…..and that one word is this;


  11. Axeident

    Does anyone have a toothpick…I just can’t use dental floss after this.

  12. juniper

    pic 15 – Woman in black -’WTF?

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