1. cc

    Clearly they are on a beach near the Fukushima reactor…he keeps getting whiter, and her ass/tumor keeps growing and growing.

  2. I didn’t know the T stood for tits.

  3. Bruce

    wow nice boobs!

  4. Dox

    Apparently thug life now means… an extra whopper on your whopper.

  5. rican


  6. Icehawg

    Dem tits. Is elephantiasis of the sexay-bits contagious? It is isn’t it?

  7. Damn, T. How you gon let yourself get out of shape like that when you have a perfect woman like Coco at your side? You owe it to her to be in the best physical condition possible so you can give her all the lovin she needs.

    You need to be in shape to handle dat ass.

  8. Spleen

    Cannot. Be. Unseen.

    I knew Ice T’s methods had become unsound.

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