1. Chaz

    A more appropriate caption might read…
    Barbados in Coco

  2. She looks like the anorexic Kardashian.

  3. The Most Interesting

    Fish, you’re just gonna go and leave that at the top of the site for a long weekend?

    And you wonder why they behead people…

  4. Perhaps the server keeps shitting the bed because of the auto-play pop up ads and attempts to resuscitate MySpace in the lower right hand corner…

    • Dox

      Or it could be the shit ton of videos trying to pop up, while the bar at the bottom tries to play music, while the embedded videos try to play…. I swear this site has become like skynet, except its run by some AI that got programmed by a retarded marketing monkey that just wants to see how much shit he can cram into a single fucking page.
      Bunch of assclowns, I swear.

    • Even I know to use ad-block and I still use a flip phone in my daily life. Get with the times fellas.

  5. An appropriate name for her ass would be thong eater.

  6. I’m going to go out on a limb and agree w/ what’s already been stated here and say that the auto play videos and pop-up ad bar may have something to do with this site crashing constantly.

    Someone needs to tell whomever is responsible for trying to up your site’s ad revenue via 2007 tactics that if people can’t scroll through/look at a web site, they eventually just stop going. And when they stop going, ad revenue = zero.

    But, what the hell do I know? You should ask someone who’s a god on the Internets. What’s that Perez Hilton guy up to? If I remember correctly his site was the hottest thing 2008 had ever seen! Let’s see how his numbers are doing and… Oh, sweet baby Jesus…!!

  7. Her ass looks great. I’d use it as a pillow after I get in there.

  8. Paradoxical Bunny

    So… ad-whore issues and an ass the size of Texas aside… where’s the ANUS?

  9. donkeylicks

    In a parallel earth where feline apex predators have evolved to a similar standing as humans (in our world), a Tiger is getting ready to fire up the grill.

  10. Truk

    I swear I can smell it through my computer.

  11. Little Tongue

    This thing needs photoshopping. Lots of it.

  12. wayners

    Just does not do it for me…never has…

  13. Ralph

    Take a moment…step way back from here…What kind of fucked up person always shows her ass to people? What kind of fucked up person does this?

  14. Geo


  15. billy

    she carries her assets very well

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