1. chuck

    does it even need to be said?

  2. Enidaj

    Something smells fishy.

  3. it had to be said

    Stink tends to rise. Just sayin’.

  4. She just smelled what the Rock was cooking.

  5. Mike701

    “EwwI don’t know how T does it, I can smell it from here”

  6. Alpo

    That looks sooo painful.

  7. Jack Ketch

    Gross. In fact, moo. I think I commented about her on the wrong thread earlier, the one where she shoves out her huge plastic ass. Gee, that’s different.

  8. Dinosaurland

    Not pictured: the baggie waiting to collect her droppings.

  9. Didn’t they pass a law against shitting on the street in NYC?

  10. DKK

    Very nice.

  11. Sissy

    “Whoa, totally almost popped an ass implant”

  12. the crazy betty

    so mysterious….

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