1. Yeah, she looks kind of weird and skanky and whatnot but damn… I want to play with that body so bad!

  2. Eat your heart out kim kardashian

  3. Jack Ketch

    Fucking UGHHHH, just UGGHHHH ! *barfs*

  4. InkyBlack

    I’m pretty sure this is banned under the Geneva Convention or something.
    If not, it fucking should be.

  5. Sheppy

    ¬°Ay, caramba!

  6. Butt plugger

    Some serious cakes right there!!!

  7. Think of the cleaning bill on that swimsuit.

  8. Pine Table Fever

    Someone call Adobe and warn them they’re going to run out of Photoshop pretty fucking soon.

  9. Michelle

    WIthout a doubt the closest I have come to never opening this site again. BLECK!

  10. Not a Black Guy

    I don’t what it is but this woman just holds no appeal for me.

  11. shekinah

    congrats u finally had a baby I hate you justin im your girlfriend

  12. Where’s Tony?

  13. King Diamond

    Poor diet ass

  14. Sangriatic

    Just because you can physically contort yourself into an outfit, doesn’t mean you should wear it in public….

  15. Melvin

    I bet she has to burn that outfit when she takes it off.

  16. Sammy

    I wish she were naked and positioning herself in a very similar manner directly on my face.

  17. Nanya

    She over there still stuck in that sucker right now

  18. lilgrandma

    You go girl!!!!!!show them what a REAL woman looks like!!!!this skinny stars make me sick anymore.they look SICK !and they want to look younger but instead makes them look OLDER!!!alot of men love meat on their lady:))LOVE YOU COCO!!!!!

  19. jane

    i love coco.. and this as good as an ass can get.. simply the best… mouthwatering, mind-blowing, divine.. can’t find the words..

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