1. lahope


  2. Grotesque are those starving crackheads you jerk off to.

  3. kat

    No I’m certain grotesque is a massively inflated ass. She must have butt implants.

  4. Stan the Man, no one can

    That looks like my grandma shoved balloons in her ass. This is repulsive.

    • Be honest. It’s not the ass that repulses you, it’s really the lack of an appendage in front. At least when they weigh 90 pound you can pretend they’re boys…Your dilemma is understandable.

      • Stan the Man, no one can

        The only lack of appendage that is disturbing is yours. Which is why you prefer large women who can dominate you and fill the void God left you hanging (or not hanging) with. I by all means like a woman with meat on her bones, this isn’t meat, this is plastic. If your back has creases in it from your obscenely large ass implants, they may be too big. But seriously Tony, I know it must suck to still live with your mother, in the same room you grew up in at 40, empty bottles of mountain dew while logging back and forth between here and World of Warcraft. Even a nasty slut like CoCo wouldn’t fuck you, so keep the fantasy alive buddy. It’s all you have….

      • Leanaan

        There’s creases bc she’s half turned. It’s impossible to do that pose and not have at least a few creases lol. I also find it funny you are referring to her as a slut. I am of course assuming that since you know this, you must be good friends with her bc the only way to know this is to be with her with her many supposed sex partners. I’m surprised she would let someone with such a low opinion of her join her during these sessions, so props to you for being allowed behind her closed bedroom door.

      • Leanaan

        Also if it’s really that repulse, why comment on it and be forced to see it over and over again when someone responds? I would’ve assumed you’d do the smart thing and just move on without a second thought. If ya don’t like it, no one’s forcing you to look but yourself.

  5. BARB

    Sit on my face

  6. jane

    she is divine.. that ass is divine

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