1. If you’re a dude and you don’t like this ass, you’re a fucking idiot. Or gay. But really both.

    • Ollie

      Or maybe you’re not a fan of morbid lower body obesity that seems to have spread throughout America

      • Maybe all those hours of watching kiddy porn has fucked your vision, but this chick has more muscle in her legs and ass than a pedo like you does in his whole body. Then again, as long as they don’t look like little boys you couldn’t care less if it’s fat or muscle.

      • Ollie

        What so the two choices are either that you like fat fake ugly chicks, or you’re a pedo?
        Fail, buddy.

      • You’re a pedo when you jerk off to malnourished girls that look like children while you call any girl over 100 lbs “fat”. That’s pretty much the standard cover for the closet kid-touchers around these sites.

        If you can’t tell the difference between curves and fat you’re retarded, and if you’re turned off by curves you prefer men or little boys. End of story.

      • Frank McCoy

        Why little boys? Little girls don’t have curves either.

      • You do realize you gave yourself away here, right?

  2. lily

    So trashy and fake

  3. No Standards

    I think she’s hot and would love to get behind it.

  4. juck

    Id fuck her hard.

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