1. Fuck yeah!! I’ll bang that ass 25/8. Now watch for the same old pedos to line up and beg for pics of 6-year-old boys:)

  2. Derek

    FYI, that’s at the Venus Pool at Caesars Palace. It’s a European (read: topless) pool.

  3. Mama Pinkus

    I like Coco – she what she is – she manages to be sweet while looking so vulgar.

    • karlito

      CoCo is a cartoon character, nothing more, nothing less. the big fake tits, the big fake ass, the big fake lips…kind of like Betty Boop on steroids. she’s a friggin joke and there is nothing attractive about her. she thinks those people behind her are admiring her but they’re all laughing instead.

    • Tron

      I agree with you! I recall watching one (rather, lame) episode of “I Love CoCo” (I think it’s called). AND…she is one down to earth chick!! I was f**king surprised…I mean all these photos make her look like a bimbo…but, her personality is totally normal. (for the most part). Unlike Courtney Stodden…she’s all kinds of whore-ish.

  4. Splat

    Disgusting. No thanks.

  5. barkerman


    Seriously. Fucken repugnant.

  6. barkerman

    Tony’s just pissed ‘cuz his wife is a fat cunt, so he’s looking for a little online validation that he isn’t a hog fucker.


    • I’d make a joke about your wife, but then I realized the poor woman has it bad enough living with a closet pedophile. At least give her some hints so she doesn’t faint when she finds the kiddy porn on your laptop.

  7. Sue Rosenorn

    Why hasnt this cellulite queen been arrested for making everyone’s eyes bleed?

  8. mark

    Love it.

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