1. Karen

    I don’t care who or where you are, this outfit is NEVER going to be a good idea.

  2. acid washed mom shorts, hair feathers, fringe bag…yup, looks like that one night stand Cher had back in the day has come back to haunt her

  3. Marc

    Pocahontas encourages everyone to clean up after themselves for the good of Mother Earth

  4. Ed

    Christopher Columbus needs to steal this outfit from this Native. Do her a favor. Wouldn’t be doing the people there a favor. I don’t think anyone wants to see her pig pink pussy again.

  5. Siloporcen7

    Why is she wearing two of the same necklace? In case LiLo brushes past her? Or maybe to give a “best friends” necklace to a random stranger while she’s on E?

  6. slampon

    is she seriously carrying a tambourine?

  7. Noel

    looks like somebody ate the brown acid.

  8. j/k

    So we’re all going to pretend we don’t see Rosie O’Donnell in the background?

  9. gaudi

    You know you are high when the overweight non-celebrity in the background is dressed better than you.

  10. MrsWrong

    sooo…1985 called and they want their shorts back… You might want to throw the purse in too…they might call back about it once they get over their initial shock…do you need help with postage? I know you probably have all your HSM money tied up in jewelry….god only knows how many of those fabulous necklaces you have…and you can NEVER have enough arm bands!

  11. MrsWrong

    or face diamonds

  12. MrsWrong

    or …leg bracelets?

  13. hahaha

    some comments on all these pics are soooo mean but sooo hilarious I feel bad for laughing but I cant help it lol.

  14. Need more white chocolate …

  15. Run! There is a Hippo behind you! Stamped!

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