1. Dude of Dudes

    They said no one could produce an uglier girl than Rumer. Challenge accepted.

  2. i guess that monster chin DNA runs pretty deep.

  3. Faust must have written Brude and Demi’s wedding vows.

  4. Ed

    Only ugly rock stars can fuck a hot chick and have a hot daughter.

    Ugly actors can’t do the same. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are living proof!

    • slampon

      bruce willis ain’t no kind of ugly, my friend. i think they call this sexually antagonistic selection. or their mother had her chin filed off at 18. i think it’s the latter.


    and smoking a cig makes her look even hotter – not!

  6. Siloporcen7

    Why does her navel look dirty? And what’s with the cigarette? “ooh I’m barefoot on grass in sweltering heat. Better look cool and rebelliously smoke a cigarette”

  7. Their looks are Rumer and Tallulah’s way of getting Bruce and Demi back for giving them stupid names.

  8. anonymoose

    Thanks for exemplifying how idiotic smoking looks! (Not to mention UGLY.) Just look at that grimace. Ah, but she’s hooked.

  9. gaudi

    Her mama smokes. Monkey see monkey do.

  10. MrsWrong

    Is Coachella a gathering of the never-nudes??…Ive never seen so many jorts in my life!!! And Ive been past the Walmart clothing section…

  11. hahaha

    seeing the pictures is on a quarter of the fun its reading the comments below that have me cackling at the computer screen like a crazy person.

    How did you all get so witty? & when is my wit going to kick in so I can post funny comments too. lol

  12. TylerPerryisHillarious

    being a person of stinky hippy and outdoor festival background, i consider myself an expert of sorts. and i have to say that this one, talluhla whatever, if i had no idea who she was (and i *had* no idea who she was), i would have pegged her for stinky hippy all the way. some people just come out of the womb stinky and hippy – privilege or no. look at ione skye and sophia coppola. i remember those girls being part of the og lallapalooza scene – boozing it up with hoi polloi. taluhla’s alright with me – until she gets her reality show anyway.

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