1. Fuck all of ya all, I’d totally tap that

  2. And they said Jeff would never make it as a male escort in Hollywood.

  3. Cock Dr

    She scrubs up well. Too bad about the awful tattoos. Didn’t daddy try to warn her about that?

  4. God she makes Predator look like it has a normal alignment.

  5. For Chirst’s sake, wtf is Ozzy doing in a dress. Oh…wait…never mind.

  6. bi chick

    I wore this outfit in 1992

  7. slampon

    it’s not her outfit or her tattoos that get me. it’s the fact that someone’s going around telling celebrities that everyone looks good in hot pink lipstick. i call him the face vandal.

  8. Hitting her with a brick could only improve the situation.

  9. kuhkuhkuh

    has anyone else noticed that her shoes are where her knees should be

  10. Hausdrache

    Let’s see: bleached hair? Check. Grandma/retro clothes? Check. Creepy? Check. Alright, slap some more make up on this chick, add some years, and subtract some pounds (due to drugs) and you got yourself another Courtney. Yay!

  11. sumone xplane shoos thks bai

  12. TylerPerryisHillarious

    @ bi chick.

    whatever. i was bi in 1992. big deal.

  13. Eli

    They let that sweet Down’s girl dress herself…how nice.

  14. Biff

    I, I I.

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