1. and so the guest list is complete.

  2. Already has the Herpes, may as well dress as a giant Snooki.

  3. This is actually a picture of a piece of garbage on the ground that so just happens to have Paris Hilton in it.

  4. Siloporcen7

    Wow, gurl has big feet. And you know what that means…

  5. Noel

    what an inconsequential asshole

  6. hollywood_hillbilly

    The gamma rays emitted from her festering vajay have destroyed all vegetation in exposed areas.

  7. anonymoose

    Trashy trash trash.

  8. Yes, Paris, because you are totally the epitome of hippiedom.

  9. dontlooknow

    Weren’t they checking ID’s at the gate? No skanks allowed?

  10. g_girl

    Herpes within herpes within herpes.

  11. Hippies with herpes. Support the cause.

  12. tasje

    Aren’t those Amy Winehouse’s ballerina slippers?

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