1. Whoa… Put the huge goggles and other winter shit back on dude… The “vampire bugs bunny Carrot Top” look is gonna give me nightmares.

  2. Cock Dr

    Gingers look best in candlelight, or under 6 layers of heavy winter gear.

    • chainsawbuzzkill

      He looks like a special needs person who has just been tricked into doing something foolish, and when everyone laughs, one person comes up to say, “You’re awesome, man!” so he doesn’t feel like they’re laughing at him, and he believes them and makes the cool kid peace sign.

  3. Let’s see how long this takes to turn into a Kathy Griffin joke-a-thon.

  4. slim

    it took me a minute to figure out it’s not tilda swinton

  5. Ed

    It’s nice that Rockey Dennis has decided to start lifting weights. He looks somewhat presentable.

  6. Siloporcen7

    This person actually looks event-appropriate

  7. tito

    it’s like someone partially deflated carrot top.

  8. UFF

    Every single one of these so-called celebrities are overprivileged vacuous entitled useless mass of carbon with nothing worthy to contribute to humanity.

  9. absinthe

    That title is spot-on.

  10. Finally a real hipp-ah fuck this, I’m converting to Islam.

  11. dontlooknow

    Love child of Carrot Top and Anthony Kedis.

  12. Derek

    God, I fucking hate California.

  13. Nik

    Fuck man. I don’t care how rich he is. I could not DO that.

  14. Jovy

    White Obama behind him?

  15. Nobody does tranny like Shaun!

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