1. Big fat Mom armpit

  2. Senor Trout

    Our generation’s Ann Wilson. She’ll bigger than Aretha Franklin by 2021.

  3. Josephus

    This face about to blow…

  4. Cock Dr

    I caught a buzz just looking at this.
    So loaded.

  5. Well played K, trying to block the ‘-TH’ with your armpit.

  6. Marc

    Ironically, she didn’t even know there was a hippie festival going on yet she still had the good taste to roll around in garbage to get that authentic hippie stench

  7. ray

    Like a pig in filth.

  8. Ed

    In the words of Nancy Kerrigan…

    Whyyyyyy?? Whyyy?

  9. villenuv27

    She looks like Stevie Nicks 30 years ago ate a Stevie Nicks from today.

  10. sc4play

    Is it coming out of the landfill or heading back into the landfill? I can’t tell.

  11. WTF? She is right out in the open and NO ONE took the shot?

  12. MrsWrong

    Hot Mess (noun) -a derogatory term describing a situation, behavior, appearance, etc. that is disastrously bad. Think “faux pas” but times ten. Possible origin is literal (think, steaming dogpile).
    “She got up on stage and tried to sing but her performance was a hot mess.”

  13. Doc Schweinstrudel

    You yanks are always original about your scarecrows.

  14. Dude needs to stop crossdressing, he’s making all the other drag queens look stupid by association.

  15. La trois

    I love that there is a sign in the back telling us exactly what we’re looking at… A dirty, dirty landfill.

  16. mbcl

    “We’re not gonna take it , no we ain’t gonna take it, we’re not gonna take it anymore”

  17. “Ohmygodyouguys, I LOVE Stevie Nicks!” slurred Ke$ha.

    No one had the heart to tell her it was Radiohead playing.

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