1. Another tattooed Hollywood douchebag and his 13-year old anorexic girlfriend.

  2. Photoshop Police

    Isn’t that the girl from Caprica?

  3. Maeby

    Is that the girl from Caprica?

  4. Dave

    It takes a rare douche to out-douche the hoff and paris’ ex.

  5. sick

    That might be the youngest prostitute I’ve ever seen.

  6. Siloporcen7

    Does he shave his legs? Hard to reconcile his lower half with the upper half

  7. Mandi

    Really? A mullet?

    Kill yourself.

  8. anonymoose

    I thought you said this was a gallery of _celebrity_ photos.

  9. Skyninja

    Its not a mullet douch its somebody behind him, and that chick looks cute, why r u all being so mean? Rob is kool, he hasnt done anything super lame lol xoxo

  10. Gi

    That’s Alessandra Torressani – so they both should be listed

  11. Etienne

    Alessanda Torressani is a goddess.

  12. MrsWrong

    um…but with nice hair (:))

  13. Doc Schweinstrudel

    those shorts and bra don’t fit.

  14. Honey Cunt

    Girls with rectangular-shaped bodies: For the love of god, stop wearing high waisted bottoms.
    I’m looking at YOU, Ke$ha.

  15. diethoney

    Looks like when she went to get lipo she ordered the Tara Reid.

  16. zoya

    Rob Kardashian = what the Kardashian sisters would look like without surgery & makeup.

  17. MJaeee

    - Lmaoo Stop Hateing All You Guys Are Mad That Your Not Them , AHAHA Chill Out This Is TO Funny .

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