1. bi chick

    Isn’t it funny how, without all the lights, hair extensions, push-up bras and photoshopping, a Supermodel just looks like a knobby-kneed giraffe in expensive rags?

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      More like praying mantis. Probably mates the same way – see no man by her side and she’s starring as if looking at her next victim

  2. Amanda Peet 2.0 ??

  3. MrsWrong

    I still dont know who THIS chick is, but based on her LEG.. she should be getting a sandwhich instead of a beer…That BITCH needs a HAM sandwhich…with MAYONAISSE…and CHEESE…and not that fancy low fat cheese…some VELVEETA!!! (and dont go thinkin Im a fatty, im 5’7″ and 145…20lbs of USDA all American BOOTY!)

  4. It was all going moderately weel unti I gagged on an undead knee.

  5. what would you expect her knees to look like if half her career is spent on her knees…

  6. Nik

    That’s a man, baby.

  7. Colostomy Bag

    ..and they’re coming round the straight with skinnyassfuck ahead by a long nose.

  8. mbcl

    “a dab of beer behind each ear ….”

  9. box

    isn’t she pregnant?

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