1. wednesday

    congratulations, you’ve mastered the brendan fraser clap

  2. Slam

    Wow…lots and LOTS of haters here! What’s wrong with young, pretty people having a good time listening to tunes? BITTER MUCH?? I’m not sure what you want these people to do, but the fact that they were enjoying themselves at a music festival really seems to piss you off. Perhaps the reasons behind you anger have to do with a) you couldn’t afford to go, b) you only hear about stuff after the fact, or c) you are just generally hating on people with money. In any case, you really need to stop wishing death and destruction upon those with whom you disagree. Al Qaida??? REALLY????? Uncle Ruckus, you need to maybe spend some time in Afghanistan before you wish to unleash those heathens upon your fellow countrymen. Even in jest, that crap ain’t funny.

    • MrsWrong

      a…of CURSE thats why
      b. thats why its funny
      3. see b

      a. What do you think a Blog named “Superficial” is for and
      b. CHANGE THE CHANNEL if u dont like it
      (BTW, you sound dumb so by “change the channel I mean go the fuck away)

  3. me

    Does page #7 ever eat? Ugh stick thin she is

  4. anonymoose

    That woman next to her is VERY pretty, except for the cigarette.

  5. I find proto-angelilcahouston in the background more interesting.

  6. “I am crushing you with my miiiiiind”

  7. “I give you death-stares until you bring me water, servant!”

  8. Machine gun jublies! How’d I miss those?

  9. TylerPerryisHillarious

    who *are* these people? camilla who? kesha who? and i know it jumped the shark a few years back (like 5) but since when is coachella sponsored by coach?

  10. lo

    god some of you guys are ridiculous, the girl with the cigarette just looks really old and shit, i think this model or whoever she is is actually really pretty

    • Colostomy Bag

      T younger one has a get-me-what-I-want mouth, the older one has a come-fuck-me mouth. If you don’t see that, your not ridiculous, but oblivious.

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