1. all this broad has going for her is quirky. In 40 years, she’ll be Joanne Whirley with tats.

    • Rick

      Quirky… and an amazing body/

      Dita doesn’t have tattoos… unless you count the beauty mark on her face (which is also amazing). That’s tattooed… but that’s it.

      • Yeahhhui

        So what if she doesn’t have tattoos? she’s still ugly. Not having tattoos doesn’t automatically make her hot.
        Madonna has no tattoos.

    • PTFunk

      Yeah, I’m getting a bit tired of it. Hot body, yes, but does she ALWAYS have to be in costume? She should have a winner-takes-all fight with Gaga, where only one of them is allowed to stay fancied up all the time.

  2. K-Mash

    Kathleen Hanna already perfected this look over a decade ago.

  3. Leela

    Ms. Frizzle wants her dress back.

  4. MrsPlant

    WHY would you EVER wear your hair like that? Voluminous, short bangs? Really?!?

  5. She looks like Chunk in lipstick. When did her face get so puffy?

  6. Rawr

    The Dita, pictured above, scouting for the next rockstar to suck the fame out of.

  7. Crissy

    Isnt this Kelly Osbourne? Oh, oh well!

  8. Colostomy Bag

    Someone needed to tell her that her & short hair go together like Nazis do with Jews.

  9. Fribble

    Why would a woman wear a Tribble on her head?

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